Abstract submission: New deadline extension
15th Feb 2021 – 31st March 2021


1. Abstract must be limited to 250 words maximum.
2. Graphical abstracts are accepted along with text abstracts. A maximum of 1 graphics is recommended per abstract.
3. Please follow this template: MASSENAYSC _abstract_template for preparing abstracts.
4. Only PDF files of size less than 1MB should be uploaded.
5. As there are limited slots for contributed talks, the abstracts not selected for oral presentations will automatically be considered for poster presentation.
6. Please see the list of topics below to choose the session you want to submit your abstract to. Also note, this list is not exhaustive. To the best of your judgement select a session that matches the most to your work. In case of confusion, our team is available for you at info.massenaysc2021@uni.lu

Solar cells
Solar absorbers
Gas sensors
Thin films & OTFT (Organic thin film transistors)
Energy storage
Electronics for sensing
Energy harvesters
Super capacitors, thermoelectric & carbon based materials.

Micro/nanomaterials for biomedical imaging
Liquid crystals (thermotropic, lyotropic, DNA based)
Nanopatterned biointerface
Single molecule biosensing
Anti-bacterial surfaces

Piezoelectric materials
Pyroelectric materials
Liquid crystals for strain sensing application
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
Graphene based materials for strain sensing
Magnetostrictive materials

Materials modelling
First-Principles Calculation
Density functional theory
Theoretical Spectroscopy
Quasi particle
Ab-initio calculations
Condensed matter theory
Quantum computation
Molecular dynamics
Theory of stochastic thermodynamics

7. Please follow this link to submit your abstracts: http://ulsurvey.uni.lu/index.php/661763?lang=en